Jyoti Verhoeff

This highly talented and versatile singer/songwriter is equally at home performing as a duo with her virtuoso Russian cellist partner Maya Fridman as she is with a full orchestra and choir.

Her work is often dark, always cinematic and neo-classical in style and will transport the listener to "immeasurable depths, after which, you will find yourself bewildered on the shores of life". Entirely self-taught and with a visual impairment from birth Jyoti grew up surrounded by music and with an inherent love of the piano. Her voice has a range and quality that sets her apart and guarantees a unique performance.

The launch of her latest solo project - "Riven - Full Moon, Dark Moon" - was performed to a sell out audience at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam and she has also performed sold out shows at the Melkweg and other venues in both Holland and Germany. Her work has also been featured in the documentary "The New Wilderness".

Jyoti is currently working on her next project "All Most Human", scheduled for release in 2016.

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